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The trainee and financial note.

Henderson Global Investors has launched a report analysing quarterly income across the globe.

The Henderson Global Dividend Index (HGDI) shows dividends across the globe burst through the $1 trillion mark in 2013. A huge increase from the $310 billion paid out in 2009.

Henderson chief executive Andrew Formica said the growing number of calls from clients on global equity income opportunities compelled the firm to launch HGDI.

‘The trillion dollar dividend is a huge milestone for equity investors and illustrates that dividends are now a vital component of investors‘ returns,’ Formica (pictured) said.

‚The search for income is more than just a response to rock bottom interest rates in recent years. It marks a generational shift as ageing populations must increasingly rely less on state pensions and more on their own savings to provide for retirement.’

The index highlights the following trends.

* Emerging markets doubled payouts between 2009 and 2011, but growth…

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CO2 cracking is an important add on to this study.


Space Solar Power-OMICS 2014.

▶ Dr. Daniel G. Nocera – A Solution to the Global Energy Challenge – YouTube

via ▶ Dr. Daniel G. Nocera – A Solution to the Global Energy Challenge – YouTube.via ▶ Dr. Daniel G. Nocera – A Solution to the Global Energy Challenge – YouTube.

Startup nuclear energy companies augur safer, cheaper atomic power.

Der diversifizierten Produktion muss ein ebensolcher Pufferspeicher + Netzverbindung (smart grid) gegenüberstehen.

CO2 + H2O + organische Abfälle sind durch katalytische Reduktionsverfahren mit wenig Energieaufwand in Brennstoffe (rück)verwandelbar. Von Demokrit über cracking/reforming Fischer-Tropsch bis zum künstlichen Blatt geht das Spektrum der Möglichkeiten.

Im Gegensatz zu Marcus Giese fürchte ich nicht die Änderung, sondern zu viel Stillstand

Stell Dir vor es ist Energiewende und alle gehen hin › ABB Dialog.

Fukushima vs Chernobyl vs Three Mile Island.